All real communication is one to one.
Ron MacLean is a Host, Broadcaster and above all unforgettable Storyteller. As Host of Hockey Night in Canada for the past thirty years, Ron has mastered the art of conveying connection through emotional storytelling. Find out the secrets the popular broadcaster uses to connect with his guests and how he conquered his own fear of presenting in front of an audience.  
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To be successful, you need to manage your own insecurities.
After 24 years with the Cleveland Indians, Mark Shapiro took on a new challenge as President and CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays. He has faced plenty of adversity in his career as a leader. Watch this candid conversation to hear about how he builds key relationships, how to turn tough conversations into positive outcomes and the key to any negotiation.
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Gossip is the conversation that exposes who we are.
Elaine Lui, aka Lainey Gossip, has hustled to build an online empire that delivers information and entertainment to more than 1.5 million people internationally. In this candid conversation, Lainey reveals the formula behind building a platform as a successful blogger, the keys to effective storytelling and why the “Squawking Chicken” rules the roost.  
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You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk.
Joe Cross is the unforgettable Aussie that was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and did something to turn his life around. His documentaries on plant-based eating and the rewards of juicing have been seen by millions worldwide. Here Joe shares his three key tips to healthy living, along with the conversation that made this green foodie take charge of his own fate.
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A presentation is a conversation with a larger group of people.
Rogers Communications President and CEO, Guy Laurence, is a proven catalyst whose progressive leadership style has impacted workplace cultures worldwide. In this candid conversation, Guy shares his take on what makes up 90% of leadership, how to select your pivotal players and the keys to consider for your next important presentation.
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Every high performer has a clear purpose and vision.
How do you define greatness? “School of Greatness” Author and Podcaster Lewis Howes shares the secret habits of high level performers, how to get your message heard in an era of disruption and the key intention to have for any conversation, to make it count.
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When you fail, all you can do is admit it, fix it and don’t repeat it.
Christine Day was named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 5 International Most Powerful Women for good reason. She has been a leader in the people business taking brands such as Starbucks, lululemon athletica and now Luvo to new heights. This conversation shares valuable insight on how to lead, manage failure and turn a viable business idea into a perpetual profit machine.
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What you do is not who you are.
Beedie Development Group President Ryan Beedie shares his three keys to business success and why vulnerability is vital for authentic leadership. This abbreviated conversation is taken from a live presentation at the SFU Beedie School of Business. Under Ryan's leadership, the Beedie Group has become a dominant force in the industrial real estate market.  
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In order to get what you want in life, help other people get what they want.
Expert Negotiator and New York Times Bestselling Author Ron Shapiro shares his secrets on how to craft the perfect pitch, negotiate anything you want, all while building meaningful relationships.
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Don't suffer in silence because shame will put you in a hole.
Tracy Moore is a force. The popular Host of Cityline capitalizes on her gift of gab daily to establish authentic connections with the people around her. This is an honest conversation about clarity of intention when it comes to goal setting, understanding the true value of vulnerability and why you shouldn't be afraid to be underestimated by others.
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You don't have to be a boss to be a leader.
"Our Turn" is an inspiring read that explores media executive Kirstine Stewart's personal story leading organizations such as CBC, Alliance Atlantis and more recently Twitter. Stewart's conversation shares how she makes her voice heard in a male dominated executive world, manages family with a thriving career and how social media can help make you an effective boss and build trust as a leader.  
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We will not allow them to take away our civil liberties.
International Journalist Mohamed Fahmy risked his life to give us the news. His riveting story and fight for freedom of expression have been documented worldwide. In this exclusive conversation from TEDxVancouver 2015, the award-winning broadcaster recounts tales of his 438 day imprisonment in Egypt, his perspective on the Syrian refugee crisis and how we can overcome a constant state of war.
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Would you work as hard if nobody was watching?
From player to president, Trevor Linden has always been a respected leader both on and off the ice. As "Captain Canuck" takes on one of his greatest roles yet, President of the Vancouver Canucks, Linden opens up about the conversation that changed his own game and how to effectively create change in an organization.  
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I'd rather be hated for who I am, than be loved for who I am not.
Unscripted television blurred the lines of reality for Kaitlyn Bristowe. She built a popular brand thanks to 'The Bachelorette' and now has the responsibility of engaging with a massive fan base. The spotlight has however, come with its fair share of critics and adversity. In this candid conversation from TEDxVancouver, Bristowe reflects on the challenges of life in the spotlight and shares insight on how to overcome cyberbullying.
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Understand what your goals for communication are, then track your outcome.
Paintballs and pizzas are how Vancouver-based Hootsuite CEO and social media pioneer Ryan Holmes got his first taste of entrepreneurship. Watch him describe the conversation that inspired his entrepreneurial spirit and break down what it takes to be an effective leader.  
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The most important conversation I ever had was with myself.
Are you ready for your defining moment? After moving to the UK to pursue his passion for professional soccer, former Pro Soccer Player and Captain of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Jay DeMerit shares how he prepared for his experience when the time came to rise and shine.
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The day of the accident was both the best and worst day of my life.
In 1985, Rick Hansen destroyed the notion of what it means to have a limitation. The Man in Motion wheeled around the world raising millions for Spinal Cord Injury research.  In this candid conversation, Rick divulges the dialogue that helped save his relationship with wife Amanda, along with his four principles to living a successful life.
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