Christine Day was named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 5 International Most Powerful Women for good reason. She has been a leader in the people business taking brands such as Starbucks, lululemon athletica and now Luvo to new heights. This conversation shares valuable insight on how to lead, manage failure and turn a viable business idea into a perpetual profit machine.



00:56 What makes a leader effective

01:19 How a leader can be a hero

01:59 What Christine struggles with as a leader

03:18 Key question to ask when deciding whether you want to work with someone

04:24 What stands out when meeting someone for the first time

05:27 Toughest conversation of Christine's career

07:11 How to bounce back after failure

08:46 How to confront someone without ruining the relationship

09:54 Keys to building trust in your culture

11:39 How to spot a business idea that has the potential to become a perpetual profit machine

12:08 How brands like Starbucks, lululemon athletica and Luvo became strong business ventures

13:35 How you know you are creating something that matters

14:33 How you get others to buy into "change"

15:39 Christine’s most important conversation

16:40 How to make every conversation count

17:33 What’s one thing Christine once believed about business and people that is no longer true


About Christine Day:

Christine Day is the CEO at Luvo, a revolutionary frozen food company that offers great tasting, nutritionally-dense and convenient fare made from the highest-quality ingredients.  Day brings her executive leadership experience and passion for wellbeing to Luvo from lululemon athletica where she served as CEO for six years. There, she was responsible for directing its continued development and reinforcing its position as a global retail leader. During her tenure,  revenue grew from $290 million to $1.6 billion becoming the most profitable retail apparel company in the world. Prior to her time at lululemon, Christine served in various executive positions at Starbucks over a 20-year period where she learned the intricacies of high growth business development in a strong cultural company.

Christine has been named Fortune Magazine’s top 5- International Most Powerful Women, Canada’s Top 100 Women, and named CEO of the Year, by Globe and Mail and Business in Vancouver. 2015 winner of Gold Stevie Awards for Female Executive of the Year in Canada and Innovator of the Year. Residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, she has her BA degree from Central Washington University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.


About Every Conversation Counts:

If you had to describe the most important conversation of your life, what would it be? Every Conversation Counts documents memorable conversations that some of the world’s most fascinating figures have engaged in to achieve success and more importantly, their true sense of purpose. Through interviews conducted by Television Host Riaz Meghji, this website will look at how a candid conversation can reinvent yourself, your brand and your business.


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