Rogers Communications President and CEO, Guy Laurence, is a proven catalyst whose progressive leadership style has impacted workplace cultures worldwide.

In this candid conversation, Guy shares his take on what makes up 90% of leadership, how to select your pivotal players and the keys to consider for your next important presentation.


About Guy Laurence:

Guy Laurence joined Rogers as President and Chief Executive Officer on December 2, 2013. He is a strong executive who takes decisive action in complex, capital intensive businesses. Laurence holds progressive views on the role of the modern workplace and is a well-known public speaker on the subject.

He also believes businesses must make an active contribution to the communities that surround them. Guy was recognized by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, for developing a text donation service that is now used by over 18,000 charities in the UK.

About Every Conversation Counts:

If you had to describe the most important conversation of your life, what would it be?

Every Conversation Counts documents memorable conversations that some of the world’s most fascinating figures have engaged in to achieve success and more importantly, their true sense of purpose. Through interviews conducted by Television Host Riaz Meghji, this website will look at how a candid conversation can reinvent yourself, your brand and your business.

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