Beedie Development Group President Ryan Beedie shares his three keys to business success and why vulnerability is vital for authentic leadership.

This abbreviated conversation is taken from a live presentation at the SFU Beedie School of Business. Under Ryan's leadership, the Beedie Group has become a dominant force in the industrial real estate market.


About Ryan Beedie:

Ryan was born and raised in Burnaby. He officially joined the company in 1993 following the completion of his MBA at the University of British Columbia, although his exposure to the business came long before then - at the dinner table with his father, Keith Beedie.

Throughout the 1990s, Ryan was responsible for leasing, land acquisition and negotiation of build-to-suit projects. He became President in 2001 and, under his leadership, the company has grown to manage nearly 8 million square feet of industrial space, and become the dominant force in the industrial market with significant land holdings and extensive building projects.

Under Ryan’s vision, the company has also diversified extensively. He not only established Beedie Capital Partners, he has also overseen the company’s return to its residential roots by developing Beedie Living, the residential development division of Beedie Development Group.

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