It’s official. Every Conversation Counts is finally a reality.

This brand new bundle of internet joy has been a passion project for years and was inspired by one question:

“What is the most important conversation of your life?”

Every Conversation Counts will deliver insights from thought leaders and champions of their craft, as they not only share their most important conversations, but also, how they make every conversation count and achieve success within their respective expertise. The ultimate goal of this space is to initiate inspiring dialogue that will help YOU create meaningful relationships in your life.

Huge thanks to everyone that has supported this very personal vision. It went from a simple idea shared with friends, to a full blown mission to get people talking and connecting.

Philanthropist Rick Hansen, Vancouver Canucks President Trevor Linden and Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes answered the call to help start this conversation. Their words are valuable to help you start making your own conversations count. Every week, fresh content will be shared online. Be sure to ‘Subscribe’ for the latest updates and exclusive conversations.

What is the most important conversation of your life? Chime in below and get set to hear about some game changing experiences.

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