This Saturday, there will be some dynamite conversations delivered at TEDxVancouver 2014. Lessons on life, love and business will be presented by speakers in front of over 2000 audience members hungry for new ideas.

After a successful TEDxVancouver experience in 2012, one that inspired the Every Conversation Counts project, I will be back as your Host to help facilitate the dialogue on stage. This year’s theme is “TILT”, encompassing concepts that challenge the status quo. Translation: Speakers will share their stories and ideas on how you can effectively step out of your comfort zone to ‘TILT’ your perspective.

There have been plenty of conversations that impacted my way of thinking, but one that clearly changed the game happened in 2002. Twelve years ago, a friend asked me to think twice about pursuing a lucrative lifestyle as an investment broker during my final year at Simon Fraser University. All of the plans were in place for a secure career path, yet he firmly believed in my ability to engage an audience in the entertainment business. I was challenged to take one year of my life to pursue something different. It was a conversation that was heard and never forgotten. #TILT

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