TEDXVANCOUVER: Perfect Strangers

3500 perfect strangers showed up to TEDxVancouver 2015, this time at an ambitious new venue, Rogers Arena. Opening the show I stated that conformity is a creativity killer. After all was said and done, there was a tidal wave of takeaways that will hopefully help others break new ground in their lives.

Presentations ranged from gender identity, to the power of sport and music, plus raw and honest conversation segments with International Journalist Mohamed Fahmy and Reality TV star Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The entire day revolved around the theme of ID exploring who we are as individuals and Vancouver’s identity as a city. Hosting this showcase for the third time was a thrill.

To discover unique ideas and coach our speakers up until the life changing moment they take the stage is extremely rewarding. There were several TEDx talks that earned standing ovations. As soon as they go live, I will let you know.

Thank you TEDxVancouver for showing up and having an important conversation about our community. We can only observe what others allow us to see and you showed us the appetite this city has for good conversation.



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